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Olympic Death Relay

Olympic Death Relay

Olympic Flame is the most essential symbol of Olympic Games; it symbolizes purity and efforts toward perfection. The Olympic Flame is passed on from Olympia through various countries and cities by thousands of torchbearers before lighting up the The Olympic Cauldron. The Olympic Torch Relay is a powerful symbol of understanding and brotherhood among people, embodying the value of Olympism.

But in the modern days, the values of Olympic Games are overshadowed by festivities and commercialization, turning it into a massive corporate travesty, pivot of human rights abuse and environmental issue. 

In the eve of Rio 2016, there has been many concerns raised regarding its development, causing evictions, extinctions of animal species, and massive environmental damage, pushing Rio’s economy to the edge. 

We need to get global citizen to rally against Olympic and end this catastrophe.



Finalist for Young Glory: March 2016