Young Spikes Design Competition ✕ Hewlett-Packard

Museum à la Cafe

Brief: Pick a problem regarding cultural preservation and use HP printing technology to solve the issue.

In Jakarta, heritage museums face low and irregular footfall. Back in 2008, Starbucks started partnering with Indonesia’s Ministry of Culture and Education to launch a CSR initiative encouraging people to visit museums. The 10 years-old initiative continues, but with a tougher audience: millennials.

To millennials, heritage museums are unappealing and merely boring archives of the past. They would rather hang out in new and popular cafe joints. However, these places often take reference from the very thing they ignore: the past. Through this cultural trend of vintage cafes, we saw an opportunity to present heritage museums in a new light.

Leveraging on the existing initiative by Starbucks, itself an iconic pop culture brand, we redesigned a select few popular cafes to introduce the Museum a la Café experience. Crafted to be #instaworthy and perfect for the modern millennial’s Instagram, these redesigned Starbucks cafes come with a twist – their designs are themed after cultural heritage museums.

Museum a la Cafe-01.jpg
Museum a la Cafe-02.jpg
Museum a la Cafe-03.jpg

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