Life is Uncertain

To attract new customers from emerging markets in South East Asia, Allianz rolled a regional social campaign to increase social presence and brand awareness. The campaign ran on Facebook across five key markets: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Phillippines, and Taiwan.

In this campaign, we document 25 people from all walks of life and have them reveal—earnestly and with all sincerity—their experiences. Their joys, triumphs, fears, failures, frustrations, and accomplishments. By doing so we acknowledge that life is imperfect, messy, chaotic, and uncertain. But Allianz is here for you.


We kickstart the campaign by serving teasers on the users’ timeline.

After engaging with the teaser, they will be served the full story.


A call to action invites the user to watch more stories that will bring up a canvas containing the other stories. Relevant products are also featured alongside each story, making it easy for the user to learn more about Allianz’s offerings.


Art Direction / Film / Social