International Society of Typography Designer - Student Brief 2016

Einstein on The Beach

Einstein on The Beach is Philip Glass's first and longest opera, which radically changed the way opera is performed and viewed. Glass's root in minimalist music employs simple composition that is repeated throughout, with slight variations that slowly elevates the music from its starting point to its climax.

The brief is to translate this opera into a typographic music score. I want to visualize the experience of Glass's composition itself: simple, minimal, repetitive, mathematical, yet fluid at the same time. Using basic punctuation marks with varying density to represent different instruments, this approach showcases the airiness and weights of each instrument. The marks create repetitive shapes that slowly transform from one composition to another.


23 minutes of the trial scene is visualized into 20-metre long typographic music score.


Repetition of various musical instruments in different intervals creates unique visual texture.

EOTB 008.jpg

Editorial Design / Typography