Hey there! Kevin here.

I am currently working as an Art Director in Ogilvy Singapore, handling mainly IBM, our biggest B2B account in the building. Formally trained in graphic design, I take pride in my craft and execution while constantly looking for the big idea in every project. Other accounts that I have worked on include Allianz, Cadbury, and SC Johnson.

I keep myself busy with personal projects and side hustles. Currently, I am teaming up with a bunch of amazing people to launch an original musical production sometime in October. These things keep my fire burning.

Some other things about me:

  • Have decent knowledge of HTML & CSS. You need proof? I did this website on my own.

  • Bring my own lunch box and cutleries for take-aways. I also bring a foldable grocery bag everywhere I go.

  • Efficient packer and light traveler. I managed to travel for 21 days with just a cabin bag.

If you want to know more, you can download my resume.
Prefer to have a chat? Send me an email.